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Fast Track Permanent Residency in Cyprus for non EU citizens Simplification, Clarification and Speedy response

The criteria for a FAST TRACK and unilateral decision by the Minister are as follows:

  • Income from abroad of at least 30,000 euro per couple (from income, interest, rentals, dividends, pensions, etc)
  • For the purchase of a home or other properties in Cyprus of 300,000 or more and proof of payment of 80% of this amount before application is lodged
  • Proof of a fixed deposit of 50,000 euro for a minimum of three years in a Cyprus based bank.
  • All amounts mentioned above must be proven to have come from abroad.
  • Subject to verifying the truth and accuracy of all papers that will be submitted with the application

For any applicants who do not meet any one of these criteria, can still apply and their application will be examined by the committee (slower response)

As of now the legislation on Temporary Residency has remained unchanged.

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