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ORGANISERS of the Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture have called for “all hands on deck” to help create a spectacular European capital of culture showcasing the best of Cyprus as a modern and culturally rich European country.

With a small budget and an entire year of impressive cultural, artistic and theatrical events to organise, all interested parties including artists, writers, dancers and theatre practitioners are invited to get involved.

“This will be the biggest cultural event that Cyprus has ever seen and the responsibility is not just on Paphos but on all of Cyprus,” said organising committee chairman Dr. Christos Patsalides. “It’s an opportunity for the people of Cyprus to collaborate under one umbrella, and show Europe all the talented people and the rich culture that Cyprus has.”

For the next three years, Paphos will be at the heart of European cultural activity and with showcase cultural diversity and modern European civilisation.

The “Open-Air Factory” concept coined by Pafos 2017 is the aspiration of the organisers to turn Paphos into an “outdoor plant and artistic cultural centre.” Antiquities and modern theatre, street and neighbourhood concerts, dancing in parks, exhibition squares, outdoor cinemas, are all but of a few of the events being created for the highly important cultural event year. However to succeed the city faces an industrious couple of years to do justice to the prestigious title inviting all artists and groups to submit ideas.

The themed categories are “Myth and Religion”, “Travelers of the World” and “Steps of the Future”.

Those interested parties may submit their proposals by May 15 to

“This is an excellent opportunity for all artistic practitioners to showcase their work to Europe and the world,” said Marios Ioannou Elia, Artistic Director of Pafos Cultural Capital 2017. “It’s a way to promote their work outside of Cyprus. We will support the artists as best as we can, it is not all about economics.”

Proposals need to reflect the “Open-Air Factory” concept with the message of linking continents and bridging cultures, therefore expressing the vision of Paphos bridging East and the West and uniting cultures in three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

“The title is the most complex and the most prestigious initiative at a European level that is linked with culture. It’s on par with the Olympic Games in sports,” said Ioannou Elia.

By Alexia Evripidou

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