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It’s grape harvest season in Cyprus , so the Paphos region growers are busy checking up on their crop and 

preparing for lots of hard work. In Cyprus, harvest season runs from August to mid-November.  

It’s also important for the growers to follow weather patterns and to stay ahead of any sudden changes. Crops can be ruined by heat waves and excessive rain, so they are sometimes picked early to avoid the risk of losing an entire year’s worth of work.

Grapes are traditionally harvested by hand, which is the preferred method for high-quality wine production. Hand harvesting may be hard work but the steep hills of Cyprus mean that mechanical harvesters cannot run.

Despite being an arduous task, nothing can sort good grapes from bad better than the human touch.

Harvests can take anywhere from a week to over a month, and require plenty of dedication. But in the end, all that hard work pays off as most of the wineries host a grand harvest meal and party for the workers with lots of wine, music and traditional Cypriot dishes.


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