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As compared to the capital city of Nicosia and the cosmopolitan city of Limassol , Paphos is for those who wish to enjoy their life style or holiday in a relatively stress free and relaxed way. The quiet suburban area is surrounded by World Heritage historic parks and ancient landmarks with many 3,4 and 5 star hotels, great holiday apartment rentals and jazz clubs. Music is given a lot of preference in Paphos, and there is an assorted range of musical associations and theatres, where tourists can enroll themselves for short classes or enjoy performances by various artists.

Paphos is the European City of Culture for 2017 and every summer there are a number of musical festivals and events held in the beautiful harbour at the Paphos Castle.

Paphos is extremely famous for its World Heritage Archeological Park, where the view is fascinating. The ancient ruins are just a few minutes walk from the harbour. The Cyprus ride is also a great tourist attraction, where travelers get to ride a horse, a bicycle or open top bus and see all the wonderful sights and sounds of this gorgeous sea side town. For kids and adults alike, the Super Aphrodite Water Park is a must to cool off the heat and enjoy screaming in the water rides.

Like all the other cities of Cyprus, Paphos is not behind in history in culture. It offers a range of museums and cultural sites from the Ottoman era, as well as monasteries from the Byzantine period.

Paphos is also home to animal lovers, where tourists can enjoy the Bird and Animal Zoo and have a great time feeding the monkeys and running after the ducks or seeing the big cats. It’s best for one of those afternoons, where visitors would want to enjoy nature and its wonders. There are many different animals both big and small for everyone to enjoy.

When it comes to nature, the Adonis Baths Waterfalls is a place where tourists go for relaxation and meditation. This is a little outside Paphos and is reached best by quad-bike or jeep , but it is possible by hire car. You will drive along a stoney track, passing one of the nicest family Tavernas along the way,  then after a walk around the Park admiring the Greek Gods statues it is time for a quick swim in the cool pools.

Paphos also offers a variety of sports such as Golf , Tennis , Diving and all types of water sports. There are 4 superb Golf courses at , Minthis Hills , Elea Estate , Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley Golf Club. These sea view courses are extremely popular with Golfers all year round.

For the young at heart Paphos night live is based around Bar Street, which is lined with a range of hip bars and trendy night clubs, where a night out with friends is the best way to have fun! Then sleep on one of the soft sand beaches all the next day !

Paphos has everything you need for a wonderful life style , trendy bistros , great restaurants , entertaining activities for both daytime and nighttime.

If you want a real different experience then visit during January and February , when then it is possible to ski on the Troodos mountains in the morning and return to the sand beach in Paphos in the afternoon. It is truly a great experience and is limited to just a couple of places in the World.

Paphos has a wonderful climate all year round , that is why so many different flowers and fruits can grow there. Paphos has an excellent wine region with award winning Vineyards and Wineries,  wine has been produced in Cyprus for over 4,000 years !

You can also see Banana plantations as well as all types of citrus trees and olive groves and many sub-tropical plants.

Paphos is an interesting and enjoyable place to visit , either staying at one of the first rate hotels or renting a apartment or villa. Many people have visited of the years and then decided to make it their home ..... It is not surprising as I am one of them !

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