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Holiday Rentals in Cyprus

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Cyprus itself is like a paradise on earth. Not many people have the luxury of enjoying a holiday or a permanent home in such an ideal place . Even the geographical location of Cyprus makes it very easy to travel all around the world , as the island is between three continents, namely Europe , Asia and Africa.  The weather is one of the best in the Mediterranean with abundant sunshine , even in winter as rainfall is not common. Cyprus is a land of Banana plantations, wine regions and also beautiful Mountain villages where snow falls in the winter.The landscape has been a treasure to the island for many more years and will still be for the years to come. The unique feature of Cyprus is that you can ski on the slopes of the Troodos mountain range and within an hour's drive you can have a swim in warmer coastal Beaches. 

Cyprus is surrounded by blue sparkling and clean beaches while the ongoing Marina projects can satisfy the needs of any boat and yacht owner. There are 57 Blue Flag EU beaches , this award is only given to the highest standard of quality. 

The high European standard of living offers to inhabitants and visitor alike a truly unique lifestyle. Unlimited options are offered in relation to shopping and entertainment as Cyprus has been a hot holiday destination for the past 30 years. Russian is widely spoken on the Island because Russians have been visiting Cyprus in large numbers for the past 12 years. There is a very large community of over 30,000 Russian and Ukraine citizens already living and working in Cyprus. Cyprus real estate is becoming more and more popular. 

The medical system is of very high standards while the educational system is one of the best in Europe. Crime also in Cyprus is at a very low rate, actually one of the lowest in Europe. 

Cyprus has set up a Pro-Visa system for Russia and Ukraine and a tourist visa can now be issued on line in a few minutes. This tourist visa is now free of charge and is the best and easiest in all of Europe for Russians and Ukrainians.   

Once permanent residency in Cyprus is obtained, you will be enjoying freedom of movement within the EU with easy procedures. On top of all these, Cyprus offers the lowest personal and corporate tax rates in the EU together with double tax treaties with many countries including Ukraine , Russia and China. 

Last but not least, buying a property in Cyprus can secure maximum value for your money. Property prices have been reduced and are now relatively low in relation to other European countries , while all properties are built according to European standards. Investing in Cyprus properties has taken off in a big way over the past years, with many opportunists buying whole apartment blocks at a time or large parts of tourist developments with a view to reselling in a few years. The "Buy to Let" concept has become a common practice to individuals wishing to buy Cyprus properties as the high rental income can provide the property owner with a stable and very noticeable yearly income. 

Overall, for any individual thinking of immigrating to abroad, Cyprus seems to be among the favorite options.

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