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Cyprus Traffic Police

Cyprus Traffic Police


Cyprus Police Traffic Department announced that as of January 1, 2022 cameras installed on various city roads and intersections, as well as mobile cameras, have begun to be used to impose fines in certain violations of traffic rules.

Cyprus Traffic Police Cameras

Here is a list of these violations:

1) Exceeding speed.

2) Drive at a red traffic light.

3) Going to the stop line.

4) Using a mobile phone while driving (or working hands in any other way, for example, eating while driving).

5) Driving a car without a seat belt.

6) Driving a motorcycle without wearing a protective helmet.

The Department of Traffic explained that cameras can only capture the first three violations (touching speed limits, red traffic light and stop lines), but once any of these three violations are installed, police will be able to check if there are any other violations. If an additional violation is found while viewing the photo, then a fine will be imposed for all violations committed.

Those drivers who committed violations will receive an impedimentary fine by an order letter to their residence address with a special code that allows them to access a photo of the violations they committed.

Cyprus Police Speed Cameras

The fines for violations are as follows :

1) Driving through  a red traffic light - 300 euros.

2) Over Stop-line at Trafic Lights - 25 euros.

3) Using a mobile phone while driving (or when your hands are busy in any other way) - 150 euros (relaid within 3 years - 300 euros)

4) Do not fasten your seat belt while driving a car - 150 euros (replacement within 3 years - 300 euros).

5) When driving a motorcycle, a protective helmet is not used - 200 euros (replacement within 3 years - 400 euros).

The amount of the fine for exceeding the speed limit depends on the speed level. However, the Department of Traffic confirmed that the 10% discount + 2 km/h is still valid. This means that if, for example, the driver drives past traffic cameras with a speed of 36 km/h on the road, where a speed limit up to 30 km/h is allowed, the cameras will not work, and therefore, there will be no fine. In addition, the penalties and fines for violating the speeding regime remain the same as in the Law on the Non-judicial Regulation of Offenses dated 1997. (17(I)/1997) - Table VI, as well as in the Law on Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic 1972. (86/1972) - articles 6 and 20A. On the highways of Cyprus, the permissible excess is maintained at 20 km/h without additional 2 km/h.

There are only four road cameras and four mobile cameras on the first stages in Nicosia. But soon 30 additional traffic cameras will be installed in all cities of Cyprus and the number of mobile cameras will also be increased.

The Office of the Personal Data Commissioner has officially approved the operation of the road and mobile camera system. The Personal Data Authority and the Police Department explained that there are no violations of the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) and that the system will operate in accordance with the law and GDPR regulations. The commissioner's apparatus explained that they had given instructions "on the clear degradation of the roles of the police and the contractor, as well as his subcontractors, on organizational and technical security measures and on collecting information to establish the owner of the vehicle create". .

All drivers are urged to observe all traffic restrictions and rules, whether traffic cameras are working or not to reduce traffic accidents and, more importantly, the number of deaths on the road. When it comes to traffic cameras, drivers should remember to follow all the rules mentioned in this article, such as staying behind a stop line at a traffic light, not crossing a red traffic light intersection and not crossing the one installed soon. p.m. Ultimately, drivers should remember to prefer pedestrians at all pedestrian crossings and maintain the necessary distance between their vehicle and other vehicles around them, so that if any other driver is a pr There will be a red light at the traffic light, it would be time for a proper reaction.

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Cyprus Traffic Police

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